QUALITY POLICY Ideandum uk Ltd

Ideandum’s management is committed to clients’ satisfaction and the quality of the service provided.

The company will work paying specific attention to:

  • control and improve the quality of the service offered
  • train and instruct its human resources to improve their competence regarding the quality of service
  • fit the requirements of local legislation and other applicable requirements

Operating as planned, the company is set on achieving the following main goals:

  • fully satisfy clients’ needs, both implied and evident, and start a partnership with them
  • continued improvement of the quality management system and its performances
  • efficiency and efficacy regarding procedures management
  • trying to satisfy the employees’ requests, compatibly with the company’s goals
  • increase the company’s sales volume and profitability.

Other more accurate and measurable goals are specified every year and stated to the party concerned.

Ideandum’s management is committed to put into effect and periodically review the Quality Policy, to publish and declare it to all the company’s employees and contractors.

London, 12/01/2023

Ideandum Uk ltd