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Digital Passport is the first step for a Dental practice to expose itself to the Social Network World. Accounts on the main socials will be created and activated, depending of the necessities of the customer, inserting contents in the form of pictures or informative news. A Fan page will be created, a Google Plus registration for your Dental Practice, an Youtube account creation, Analytics, Twitter Page and Instagram Profile.



Nowadays Facebook, for a dental practice, represents a communication channel that can not be excluded if you want to realize an efficient marketing strategy. 

The main function of Facebook and the main social networks in general is communicate.

So if the only reason why to open a business profile on a social network is to increase the sales, this path won’t lead to the results expected. But if a preconceived strategy is followed, for sure the benefits will cover every activity realized by the company, for a 360° marketing strategy. Together we will understand which goals to reach, through the contents that we will insert in the Facebook Page that will be created. Contents that will aim to make know your dental clinician its entirety, the offered services, the place in which is located and much more.


The registration of Google Plus is based on a Gmail account: only after creating a Gmail account you can access to Google Plus and create your profile. When all the personal informations are set, we will add new users to the social circles. Circles are nothing but an instrument that let the users to gather together people or pages depending on their segmentations. Using the circles in a good way means to take advantage  of the possibility to share specific contents with specific people.

Per uno Studio Odontoiatrico, che Google definisce come “attività locale”, non curare la propria presenza online, e nello specifico un profilo su Google Maps, vuol dire essere tagliati fuori da una grossa fetta di utenti che non ci riuscirebbero a trovare, a contattare, a raggiungere e in poche parole a diventare nostri pazienti.

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Youtube is one the three most visited websites in the world.In addiction to be  a video sharing platform, has become a in time a real search engine where users insert keywords in order to  get pertinent results as well as they do on Google. It’s easy to understand the strategic relevance to have a good positioning on Youtube, in order to reach news patients and gain more visibility. It’s possible to open a personal channel or a business channel with the name of the Dental Practice. The channel, in addiction to contain videos, is a kind of Facebook or Twitter page: it can be graphically customized. We can insert a background picture and publish our logo so it can be visible in every page of the channel. Furthermore is strategic to insert a textual description of the channel, a presentation text where to explain the topic covered and to refer to the services for which we want to position.
In this phase is relevant to choose the right keywords and add a link to our website


Google Analytics allows to approach to a performance based marketing to all that clinics that own a website. Our specialists not only consider it a fundamental instrument, but they also believe it is essential.

The most professional features that Google Analytics provides for are:

  • Goals setting and monitoring related
  • Adwords integration
  • Full functionalities for campaign monitoring
  • Social Networks monitoring
  • Bespoke relationships
  • dashboard
  • Data export
  • Geographic targeting


Twitter is a free microblogging platform that allows to share messages of 140 types maximum. You can subscribe with a private profile to share you own emotions and passions, or, as in our case, you can choose a business profile, to promote the activities and services of your Dental Practice.


Instagram is a true community where users can visualize (and judge) the image of our Dental Practice. Without a strong presence on instagram there is the risk to loose the interactions, mostly from the young generation users. But using it seriously you can find a lot of new opportunities.



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