Our Work Method

Realizing a dental Web marketing campaign on Facebook results to be an advantageous to increase the profits of your own activity on the web, this because of the high number of users is Facebook willing to “follow” the pages of their interest.

In order to promote your Practice or Polyclinic, it will be very useful creating a Dental web marketing campaign on Facebook, developing some specific insertions of the customer you are looking for and that you want it to find you. On Facebook, people share experiences, opinions, passions o they just pass their time. So the aim is to solicit their curiosity  just enough to generate a click which conducts them where it can deepen what we want to communicate. So, for Dental Web marketing, creativity is fundamental. Entrust our team for an accurate campaign.


Creation of Cover Photo related to your aim to promote.

On dental Web marketing on Facebook, cover photo is fundamental because is the first thing that the users notice as soon as the enter in your fan page.

Creation of a pay per click campaign with a set budget and bespoke target.

Pay per click campaign has to be structured promoting different types of insertions.Our Agency will monitor constantly the trend of your insertions, choosing also period, duration, target and investment together.

Creation of Facebook page content, adapted to the goal to promote

The Fan page has to contain pictures and posts adapted and coherent with what we will promote.The Fanpage has to be ideated like a real Website, the users will read the posts and will get informations through the contents.

How will adverting appear?

Posts will be shown through the sponsored news to the public of the target settled in the Pay per Click campaign. Sponsored news can be: video, pictures, offers, web sites, etc

Comments management and pay per click campaign monitoring.

Through the comments generated by the advertising, new contacts will be generate.It’s fundamental to reply to the comments in a both professional and fast way, we will think about everything, you don’t have to worry about anything.



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