Our work method

Realization of a dental marketing campaign with a website for your practice. We realize the Website for your Dental Practice, bespoke websites, e-commerce, websites for mobile and tablet. We take care with attention the communicative and marketing aspects, in order to create an efficient visibility instrument in internet.


Project Planning and related needs analysis

Nowadays no more is spoken of the website more than strategy. Website has transformed in a profit instrument. Emerging and being noticed is not easy. For this reason our first step is starting a cognitive process about your activity in the dental sector, knowing which are your goals and which customers you want to refer to with your Website. After that. we can create for you a both responsive and optimized website for the navigation on smartphone and tablet, and a company website with bespoke functionalities in order to realize dental marketing campaign with a Website.

Grid design, graphic layout and guidelines planning.

Realizing the website of your Dental Practice; to us talking about layout and graphic  doesn’t mean limiting to expose planning technique and so realizing of a final product, but talking about communication.

Source code development

During the realization of a dental marketing campaign with a website, with Source Code we mean the text of an algorithm of a programmatic language written program which will be elaborated later in order to get a software executable by the processor, standing like the starter point of the entire process which leads to the execution of the software itself by the hardware of the machine.

Basic Web site optimization

With basic website optimization we wean all that activities finalized to get better detection, analysis and reading of the website by search engines, thanks to a better positioning.



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