Service Description - Landing Page

Landing Page is a “mini-website”, where a prospective customer comes from a specific web marketing campaign which tend to satisfy the answers with specific contents, simple and endearing, with the purpose to finalize the first check contact. The aim of the landing page is to “close the transaction”, it has to be structured in order to come to a specific point.

Why the landing page is useful?

Sometimes, when a user bombs into the description of a service, a product or, like in our case, of dental treatment, if it’s interested enough, it would want to finalize its willing to contact in a simple and fast way. However, offering to the user just a general link which leads to the website of its practice, could confuse it and being a loss of time, put it in the situation to search for the contact sections within the website and to officialize its query forcing it to specify for which service it is contacting for.


Thanks to its simple and efficient architecture, a landing page gives to the users exactly what it was looking for, that is a simplification of the procedure: basically, a “fast track” to contacts us in relation with that specific promotion, to that specific product or service it was looking for some information about, without specifying nothing more to us, even without finding an e-mail address to send a query to. The contact form present in the Landing Page will absolve to this function.

A great advantage, for a world in which the users click incessantly form a page to the other every few seconds, isn’t it?

The sections of a Landing Page are:

  • Short introduction
  • Explanation of the service’s treatment
  • Contact form
  • Engaging contents (offers, time limit, before and after treatment, ecc).

Creating a performing landing page is not a “few-click” work, or a beginner or a amateur. Creating pages like these is a complex operation, like a logo or a graphic needs expert and able hands.



The realization of the Landing Page starts with a detailed analysis of the target and with the identification of its main needs. Furthermore, is very relevant to know what differentiate you from the others competitors and what are the goals to reach.


The grid of the Landing Page is essential to attract the attention of the users in a short time.  Users spend less and less time to the reading and that’s why the image has to be explanatory, sometimes even been replaced with the words and contribute to the usability of the website.

Want more informations about our services?


We will realize a bespoke page, both dynamic and responsive, in line with the analysis made with you. Following the guide lines we will create a image that will repress you and that will get you new potential contacts for some new “first check”.



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