Dental Marketing Book

Generate Value

by Riccardo Lucietti

5 elements that generate value and keep your dental practice ecosystem in balance.

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“Generate Value” is a concept that leaves no room for interpretation.

Over the years, the world of dentistry has faced an increasingly competitive and demanding environment, such as technological innovation, managerial competence, human resources management and fierce competition.

Everything that represents ‘Knowledge’, Clinical Experience, Competence and Professionalism is intercepted and often conditioned (sometimes unconsciously) by what happens in the extra-clinical area.

This can cause unpredictable surprises with disappointing or unexpected outcomes in terms of management and performance.

Years of experience in the specific field have enabled the author to offer a systematic and prolonged analysis of the relationship dynamics:

  • dental practice-patient;
  • owner-human resources;
  • professionist-employer.


  • "My revenue remains constant despite all my efforts and investments."

  • "I have the feeling that everything in the studio depends on me."

  • "I don't know how to interpret the numbers."

  • "It seems that my co-workers work for themselves."

  • "Patients look at the price and do not understand my value."

  • "It seems that my waiting room is always empty."

  • "Often my staff do not follow my directives."

If any of these considerations resonate with your thoughts, the pages of this dental marketing book will certainly be ‘a compass’ that will help you find the right direction and, consequently, the satisfaction of a company (remember that you too are an entrepreneur) adequately organized for ‘smooth sailing.’

Page Length

184 Pages

Publishing Date

22 April 2022


Italian, English (Coming Soon)



4.9 with 36 Reviews

Dental Book Author - Riccardo Lucietti

About the Author

Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Strategic Consultant.

Hello, I’m Ric,

Passion and initiative have always prevailed in my way of working.

I am interested and passionate about Strategic Marketing, Strategic Sales, Value Generation…

in short, I like to help convincing people!

Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that processes and protocols influence the development of businesses, that human resources are an invaluable asset, and that my “main adventure” as an entrepreneur is still to be written… with consistency and determination.

I have gained various experiences in prestigious multinational companies in the dental market in the field of sales and marketing.

In 2013, I founded Ideandum, a company specialized in training and marketing in the Dental and Medical Sector.

Dental Marketing Strategies Our method and approach to dental marketing and management

Our approach goes beyond dental marketing strategies alone, it represents our “WHY“, the drive that animates us every day. The result of over 10 years of experience in the dental field, the “Generate Value” method is based on five fundamental pillars that guarantee the balance of a successful dental practice.

Strategic Marketing

Web Marketing


Customer Marketing

Management Control

Human Resources

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Dental Marketing Book "Generate Value"

The book ‘Generate Value,’ written by Riccardo Lucietti, represents a fundamental pillar of our method. Through a precise and accessible discussion, Riccardo explores the importance of being chosen by patients, management control, marketing, web marketing, and human resources within a practice. 

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