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Who is Ideandum?

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Dental and medical experts to create an innovative communication bridge between the patient, the professionists and the company


Pursuing excellence, anticipating trends to become the market reference point

The name says
who we are

INNOVATORS: There are always more solutions than problems

DETERMINED: We are goal-oriented

EXPERTS: We’ve been through this a million times before

AMBITIOUS: Weare not afraid of challenges 

NATIVES: We are Digital Natives

DATA DRIVEN: Without numbers there are only opinions

UNIQUE: We were the first to have the courage to do this

MAGICIANS: We are the ones who make things happen

At the base of Ideandum

riccardo lucietti

Riccardo Lucietti


greta zamperoni

Greta Zamperoni

CEO of Ideandum International

fabio fusai

Fabio Fusai

CEO of Ideandum Italy

armida parigi

Armida Parigi

Managing Director of Ideandum Italy

alessandro zanella

Alessandro Zanella

CFO of Ideandum Italy

Dental marketing Agency

We are a Dental Marketing Agency, established in 2013, specializing in dental digital  marketing and management. We serve the entire spectrum of dental professionals, including dental practices, labs, corporations, academies, and manufacturers.

Our headquarters are located in London, UK, and Vicenza, Italy.


Ideandum was born from the ground-breaking idea of Riccardo Lucietti, former Manager for Invisalign and Phibo. He was the first one in Italy to realise that dentists and dental professionals needed marketing but there was no specialised reference point in the market. This is when Ideandum was born and became that reference point.


In the first years of our activity we were only involved in marketing: we studied campaigns, landing pages and we edited the website and social profiles of our customers. All these activities generated a lot of contacts, but cold contacts. When the time for comparison came, on the one hand there were us, with strong numbers that the web marketing had generated, and on the other the professional, not totally satisfied with the results. WHY?


We strongly believed in our activity and were determined to understand what the problem was. Our Founder, Riccardo Lucietti, thus began to "live" within the Practice: he understood that they were totally missing the protocols of management and training of human resources. This meant that any marketing and communication activity, alone, was not enough to achieve tangible results, but had to be related to an organized structure at the managerial level, just like a company and, To do so, it was necessary to work both on training and marketing. This is when the idea for the Ideandum Academy department was born.


Ideandum grows to 40 employees and many satisfactions later, we came to be the largest company specialised in communication and training for the dental and medical sector.


Covid-19 came and with it many fears: What will happen? What are our clients going to do if they're locked down? We decided it was time for innovation, not for letting ourselves down. New projects, new departments, new office, new employees, new services. Guess what? We grew to a company of 70 people.


The model works. What are we going to do? Keep it only in Italy? No. This is when we opened our international office in London and began to work with clients all over the world.


Stay tuned, we are working on huge news!

Our Difference

  • We were the first

    We started when no one believed
  • Predictive capability and data-driven choices

    We are data-driven
  • The Ecosystem

    We put Marketing and Management in synergy
  • Revenue is not the goal but a consequence

    We teach you how to manage the new contacts we generate together every day

Born in 2013 out of a market need

In the 1990s, being a dental professional meant having an important source of income and an assured future: TODAY, IT IS NO LONGER THE CASE. Since 2013 we offer strategies to support dentists and dental companies. In our journey we have encountered many obstacles and, by our nature, we have countered each obstacle with a solution

Our Numbers with Dental Marketing

  • Average increase in Revenue for the Dental Practice after 24 months of collaboration: from €300.000 to €600.000 
  • Average increase in Revenue for the Dental Company after 24 months of collaboration: from 15% to 40% of Revenue Growth
Clients Helped
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Hours Alongside Our Customers
Leads Generated
Qualified Employes


Some of the key players in the dental world that have decided to embark on an ambitious partnership with Ideandum.

Angelo Riva

Dentist and Dental Prosthodontist

Camilla Molinari


Laura Gueli

Dental Hygienist

Gianluca Mancini