3.0 Dental Marketing Services

Ideandum contemplates the analytic step as the main one around which every service that presents has to rotate. Our dental-marketing services have been selected by over 500 Italian dental practices. We sit next to you to know your practice, to let you understand our point of view in order to design the most suitable strategy to reach your aims.

Ideandum is not selling products, but realizing services that reply to needs and goals of the structure that chooses us. We are not a supermarket, we are like a confectioner which creates a cake selecting the most valued ingredients, aiming to quality and professionalism.

Detail care and dedication imprinted in work, make us leader in dental sector.


Special projects are custom made for your Dentistry Practice by dedicated Project Manager. These are solutions for the one with more ambitious needs, because creativity and strategy are linked to a common idea: reinventing dentistry communication.

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The making of a Web Site for a Dental Practice starts with this: a beginning planning phase, developing its graphic aspects and the user experience, in order to create a solid structure to communicate in the right way their own value.

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Your dental practice is like a candy, Dentistry Web Marketing is the paper in which the candy is wrapped and with whom it’s presented. Our Dentistry Web Marketing is the mix of series of actions and digital strategies that studies dental marketing and identifies your needs and proposes the solutions to satisfy them.

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Graphic taste is fundamental for the success of a project. Graphic representation is creativity, it has to be of impact and able to inspire your brand’s power, instilling in your patient the values of your practice.

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Our photo services, of video and virtual tour realization, bespoke for your needs, they are what is needed to create, tell and transfer an image of professionalism and passion about your Dental Practice to your patients.

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Who can describe its own dental practice better than the professional itself? Leaded by our experts you will be recognizable, learning dental marketing techniques and understanding how to lead the patient though the care plan.

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